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CatJunior (16 & Under)Sponsor
J-1AircraftBernie Hengst
J-2Military VehiclesSimcoe Scale Modelers
J-3ShipsMichael & Janyce Roy
J-4AutomotiveToronto Area Plastic Modellers (TAPS)
J-5Real Space & Sci-FiClub Phantom (Friends Of Torcan)
J-6Miscellaneous - Figures, Dioramas & Other
A-1Aircraft Smaller than 1/72Barry Numerick
A-2Biplanes & Other Rigged Types, 1/72
A-3Single Engine, 1/72Zoom Room
A-4Multi Engine, 1/72
A-5Jets, 1/72Ask Disposal
A-6Single Engine, Allied & Neutral, 1/48IPMS Hamilton
A-7Single Engine, Axis, 1/48
A-8Multi Engine, 1/48Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.
A-9Jets, 1/48IPMS Ottawa
A-10Biplanes & Other Rigged Types, 1/48 & LargerDailey Hobbies
A-11Single & multi Engine (No Bi-planes), 1/32 & LargerOptions Mississauga
A-12Jets, 1/32 & LargerJohn Wong
A-13All Rotary Wing, (All Types, Scales and Eras)Belcher Bits
A-14All Civil Sport & Racing, (All Types, Scales and Eras)
A-15All Civil Airliners, (All Types, Scales and Eras)De Havilland Scale Modellers
A-16Vacuform & Minor Conversions, (All Types, Scales and Eras)
A-17Scratchbuilt and Major Conversions (All Types, Scales and Eras)Jose Ribeiro
A-18Aircraft Dioramas (one or more A/C with buildings, equipment, figures, etc.), All ScalesJames Kay
A-19Out-of-box, (All Types, Scales and Eras)Leo Fobert
CatMilitary VehiclesSponsor
MV-1Closed Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, 1/72 & Smaller
MV-2Open Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, 1/72 & Smaller
MV-3Armoured Cars & Halftracks, 1/72 & Smaller
MV-4Softskins (Trucks, Motorcycles, Kettenkrads, Unarmoured Tracked Vehicles), 1/72 & Smaller
MV-5Closed Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, 1/48Hobby And Toy
MV-6Open Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, 1/48
MV-7Armoured Cars & Halftracks, 1/48
MV-8Softskins (Trucks, Motorcycles, Kettenkrads, Unarmoured Tracked Vehicles), 1/48Panther Hobbies
MV-9Closed Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, up to and including 1945, Allied & Neutral, 1/35Raptor Hobbies
MV-10Closed Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, up to 1945, Axis, 1/35Zoom Room
MV-11Closed Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, 1946 to 1989, 1/35Great Hobbies
MV-12Closed Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, 1990 and later, 1/35Hobby Centre
MV-13Open Top, Fully Tracked AFVs, 1/35Borgfeldt Canada Ltd.
MV-14Armoured Cars & Halftracks, 1/35Club Phantom (Friends Of Torcan)
MV-15Softskins (Trucks, Motorcycles, Kettenkrads, Unarmoured Tracked Vehicles), 1/35Section 8 Hobbies
MV-16Military Vehicles, Larger than 1/35
MV-17Ordnance (Towed Guns with or without Prime Mover, Portees, Rocket Launchers, Missiles, etc.), All Scales
MV-18Scratchbuilt & Major Conversions, All ScalesJames Kay
MV-19Military Vehicle Vignettes (up to one vehicle and five figures, does not tell a story), All ScalesIPMS Ottawa
MV-20Military Vehicle Dioramas (tells a story), All ScalesJean Marc Perreault
MV-21Out-of-box, All ScalesVaughan Strength and Conditioning
S-1Warships, Powered, 1/500 & SmallerHMCS Models
S-2Warships, Powered, Larger than 1/500Graham Mansell
S-3All Sailing Ships & Sailboats, All ScalesHMCS Models
S-4Motor & Torpedo Boats, Submarines & Small Patrol Boats, All ScalesExclaibur Trophy & Awards
S-5Other Nautical Vessels - includes Un-Armed Large Ships, Passenger Liners, Freighters, Tug Boats, Fishing, etc., All ScalesZoom Room
S-6Scratchbuilt & Major Conversions, All ScalesIPMS Ottawa
S-7Ship Dioramas (one or more ships with associated buildings, equipment, figures etc.), All Scales
S-8Out-of-box, All ScalesGrant Goodale
F-1Foot, All ScalesAsk Disposal
F-2Mounted, All Scales
F-3Busts, All Scales
F-4Science Fiction & Fantasy (Superheros, Monsters, etc.), All ScalesThyme Ristorante
F-5Dinosaurs, All Scales
F-6Figure Dioramas (6 or more single figures which form a complete design), All Scales
F-7Figure Vignettes (2 to 5 single figures and no more than two pieces of equipment which form a complete design), All Scales
V-1Cars, Factory Stock, Domestic (North American design: FORD, GM, CHRYSLER), 1/24 & 1/25Group 25
V-2Cars, Factory Stock, Foreign (Non North American design), 1/24 & 1/25Pinnacle Hobby
V-3Cars, Competition, Closed Wheel (e.g., Stock, NASCAR, LeMans, LMP, etc.), 1/24 & 1/25Toys 4 Everyone
V-4Cars, Competition, Open Wheel (e.g., Indy, Formula 1), 1/24 & 1/25HSL Rally Sport
V-5Cars, Competition, Straight Line (anything built for straight-line racing, i.e. drag, Bonneville, Puller, Funny Cars), 1/24 & 1/25IPMS Ottawa
V-6Cars, Street Rod, 1/24 & 1/25Toys 4 Everyone
V-7Cars, Street Machines & Import Tuners, 1/24 & 1/25Anonymous
V-8Cars, Custom (any other Customized Vehicle, Concept Vehicle or Movie/TV Vehicle), 1/24 & 1/25McArthur Miniatures
V-9Pickups, Vans, SUVs, 1/24 & 1/25Allen Wells
V-10Cars, Larger than 1/24Randy Bachman
V-11Cars, Smaller than 1/25J.P. Perron
V-12Commercial Vehicles (police cars, fire trucks, tow trucks & commercial vehicles etc.), All ScalesGroup 25
V-13Motorcycles (non-military), All ScalesPinnacle Hobby
V-14Automotive Dioramas (one or more vehicles with associated buildings, equipment, figures etc.), All Scales
HSL Rally Sport
V-15Modified Die-Cast (Hot Wheels, Danbury, Burago and any other die-cast models), All ScalesExclaibur Trophy & Awards
V-16Miscellaneous (snowmobiles or anything not fitting into the above classes), All Scales
V-17Out-of-boxZoom Room
CatSpace & Science FictionSponsor
SSF-1Real Space, All Scales
SSF-2Fictional Space Vehicles, All ScalesZoom Room
SSF-3Fictional Flying (Air) Vehicles, All ScalesPinnacle Hobby
SSF-4Fictional Ground & Marine Vehicles, All ScalesX Planet Games
SSF-5Space & Sci-Fi DioramasPinnacle Hobby
SSF-6Out-of-box, All Scales
M-1Universal Century (Gundam The Origin, Char’s Counter Attack, 0080, 0083, Victory, F91, Turn A, Zeta, and everything in between), 1/144 and SmallerHornet Hobbies
M-2Universal Century (Gundam The Origin, Char’s Counter Attack, 0080, 0083, Victory, F91, Turn A, Zeta, and everything in between), 1/100 and LargerHornet Hobbies
M-3Alternate Universe (Seed, 00, Turn A, X, Wing, and anything that doesn't fit into the Universal Century), 1/144 and SmallerHornet Hobbies
M-4Alternate Universe (Seed, 00, Turn A, X, Wing, and anything that doesn't fit into the Universal Century), 1/100 and LargerHornet Hobbies
M-5Mecha General (Cars, tanks, Star Wars, Star Trek, Five Star Stories, Votoms, Macross, etc ), All ScalesHornet Hobbies
M-6Out-of-BoxHornet Hobbies
SP-1Collections, All ScalesCabin For Life
SP-2HumourClub Phantom (Friends Of Torcan)
SP-3Other subjects (anything that does not fit into any other category)
BOA-1Best of Show, Judges’ Choice (Ron Lowry Memorial Award)Wheels & Wings Hobbies
BOA-2Best of Show, People’s Choice (Dave Fuller Memorial Award)
BOA-3Best of Show, JuniorEros Salis
BOA-4Best AircraftAerobuffs
BOA-5Best Airliner
BOA-6Best 1/48 Scale Aircraft (Whyman Clarke Memorial Award)Hobby Centre
BOA-7Best Military Vehicle (Fred Hawkins Memorial Award)AMPS Great White
BOA-8Best Canadian Military VehicleAsk Disposal
BOA-9Best Modern Military Vehicle (Yves Christen Memorial Award)Trackjam Models
BOA-10Best ShipJean Marc Perrault
BOA-11Best Figure
BOA-12Best Automotive (Grant Murray Memorial Award)Dailey Hobbies
BOA-13Best Sci-fi/Real Space SubjectPinnacle Hobby
BOA-14Best Vignette or DioramaIPMS Rochester
TH-1Aircraft - 75 Years Since The Doolittle Raid.
In April 1942 Lt. Col. Jim Doolittle proved the value of the medium range bomber by conducting a surprise bombing raid with on Tokyo Japan using B25B Mitchells medium bombers.
Subjects to be considered for this category can be any US medium bomber, any era.
John Wong
TH-2Military Vehicles 70 Years of the Israeli Defense Forces IDF
Formed on May 26 1948 by Defense Min. David Ben-Gurion the IDF was tested right away with the 1948 War of Independence.
Subject to be considered for this category can be any military vehicle with IDF markings.
TH-3Ships - 100 Years Of The Turbo Electric Navy Ship
The American battleship the USS New Mexico was commissioned on May 20th 1918, and she was the first warship with a turbo electric propulsion system. That was 100 years ago! Prior to this her launch all ships were steam driven.
Subjects to be considered for this category can be any Turbo Electric Navy ship including Submarines. Nuclear powered subjects are not included.
Hobby And Toy
TH-4Figures - 60 Years Of The Spaghetti Western
Although Italian westerns were made as early as 1943, the films we know and love started in 1958 with,” The Sherriff of Broken Jaw” and even though these western style movies are still being filmed today some can argue that the era ended in 1968 with the classic” Once Upon a Time in the West”.
Subjects to be considered for this category can be any wild west gunfighter.
TH-5Auto - 70 Years Of NASCAR
Car racing can be traced back to the 20’s and 30’s with modified cars born out the bootlegging days. Race tracks like Daytona already existed in the 30’s and 40’s but after many meetings William Frances Sr. was able form NASCAR on Feb 21st 1948 70 years ago.
Subjects to be considered for this category can be any NASCAR racing vehicle.
Ask Disposal
TH-6Sci Fi - 60 Years Of NASA
Dwight D. Eisenhower established the need for a civilian space program and on July 21st 1958 the National Aeronautics and Space Act was passed by Congress.
Subjects to be considered for this category can be any NASA space vehicle real or on the drawing board with supporting documentation.
IPMS Hamilton
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