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Rules & Definitions


  1. Out-of-Box: Entries in these categories will be judged on basic modelling techniques only. These include: paint finish, decaling, seam filling, alignment and general workmanship. Antennas and seat belts can be added, gun barrels and exhaust pipes can be drilled out, but no other extra detail may be added.
  2. Miscellaneous: Models that do not fit the description or class of any of the listed categories. There is no restriction on scale or era.
  3. Conversion: A model is classed as a conversion if it represents a definite change of variant from the kit from which the conversion is made. A conversion must involve structural change. Variations in type numbers, markings, colour schemes or details do not constitute a conversion. All entries in conversion classes must include documentation as to the work involved, and if used, any commercial parts in the modifications. Entries that use commercially available “conversion” kits will be placed in the respective non-conversion category.
  4. Collections: A collection is defined as a set of five or more models that follow a single theme. The connection between subjects must be clear. Multiple entrants (more than one person listed as participating in the display) are allowed if documented on the entry form however only a single award will be given to the winning entry.
  5. Scratch Built: A model is classed scratch built if no more than 25% of the model consists of unaltered kit parts. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the model must be made of raw materials.
  6. Stock: A model built from a commercial kit and completed as the variant the kit manufacturer intended. Any amount of accurizing or detailing is permissible, as long as the variant remains unchanged.
  7. Dioramas: A depiction of a real life situation that goes beyond the presentation of the principle subject. These entries will be judged on the following criteria:
    • Story – the diorama must have a precise theme with all elements supporting it
    • Composition
    • Technical accuracy
    • Modelling technique
  8. Mecha entries are defined as any Bandai, Gundam, Macross or Transformers subject.


Contest Rules

  1. TORCAN is open to anyone who wants to enter their model for competition only. Affiliation to an IPMS chapter or any other club is not required to enter this contest. There is no limit to the number of models a person may enter.
  2. All models must be entered under the name of the builder. Absentee entries are acceptable if entered under the builder’s name. Any model entered under one name but actually built by someone else will be disqualified from the competition.
  3. Instruction sheets must be attached to all Out-of-Box entry forms.
  4. The TORCAN show committee assumes no responsibility for the transportation, handling, entry, loss or storage of any model whether before, during, or after the show.
  5. Models that have won a major award (Gold, First Place or Best of…) at any competition before the date of the previous TORCAN Model Contest are not eligible for entry. Please see Head Judge for clarification of this date.
  6. Medals will be awarded for first, second and third in all categories. Ties are allowed for second and third place, only when they are deemed deserving, and only when approved by the Chief Judge.
  7. Categories will be expanded or consolidated as required.
  8. Models will be relocated if found to be placed in the wrong category. If it must be moved, all reasonable effort will be made to notify the owner of the model prior to it being relocated. The final decision for the above will be made between the category’s Head Judge and the Chief Judge. If you are unsure which category to place your entry, please ask the Chief Judge or a category Head Judge.
  9. Prohibited Entries: The Chief Judge will exclude/remove from competition any entry considered by TORCAN show committee to be inappropriate or offensive, including but not limited to:
    • graphic depiction of any human being or animal excretory functions;
    • depiction of sado-masochistic activity, equipment, settings or situations, to any degree, regardless of
    whether there are figures in the model or whether any figures present in the model are clothed
    • depictions of explicit sexual conduct, bilateral or autoerotic, regardless of the clothing-status of the
    • depiction of any nude human male or female figures where the clear intent of the same is to portray a
    sexual scene.
  10. Materials: This is a plastic scale model contest. While models may be constructed from any material, models that are not primarily made from plastic, such as paper or wood models can only be entered at the discretion of the Chief Judge. Please contact the Chief Judge before the show to discuss eligibility. Pre-assembled models, such as die cast or prepainted subjects, are not eligible unless extensively reworked. Documentation of rework is required, and these models will be placed into a separate category from the plastic models.
  11. Size Limitations: Large entries (anything larger than one square metre or longer than 1.25 metre on any side) can only be entered at the discretion of the Chief Judge, subject to available space. Please contact the Chief Judge before the show to discuss eligibility.
  12. All decisions of the Chief Judge are final.
  13. These rules are subject to change. If you have any questions about the contest rules or judging criteria, please contact the show’s Chief Judge.
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